Biocellular Regenerative Medicine - "Using Your Own Tissues To Heal"
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We are a very experienced professional medical practice, and leaders in the field of adult stem cells in Cellular (IV) & Biocellular Regenerative Therapies for a variety of issues from systemic disorder to  arthritis, low back pain, orthopedic problems, chronic pain or wounds, bone and joint damage or degeneration.  PLUS , we offer full aesthetic-cosmetic surgery (using your own adult tissues) to promote skin and body health, as well as a rewarding appearance  for our patients. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our practice is from direct person-person referral, internet, and by word of mouth.  We are proud of our reputation and experience.  I suggest that you review the physician credential selection on the right side of page to better understand our experience as leaders in this area of Medicine & Surgery including medical publications, Board certification, and experience.  We offer appointments in our Western Montana offices.  Use the contact form to send us specific questions or information about your problems, but be certain to include your email or phone contact.  If not included, we will be unable to respond as we do not capture visitor information without that contact form completion.  We are here to help provide you detailed information of how use of cellular and biologic therapies can help you heal yourself and return to more normal daily work and recreational activities.

CELLULAR THERAPY now rapidly evolving, helping patients with systemic disease that are poorly or not responsive to current medications or invasive surgeries.  This is completed on an outpatient, same day time frame with no alterations of the adult stem/stromal cells within your own body.  Ask about whether you are a candidate, or have troubling systemic disease or degenerative changes. 

Learn how you can help heal yourself.......Often without use of prescription drugs or surgery!
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the highest service we are able.
Northwestern United States Location:
Robert W. Alexander, MD, FICS
715 Main Street
Suite B
Stevensville, MT 59870  (Conveniently located South of Missoula, MT
   (406) 777-4477                                                   FAX (406) 866-766-5458                                                     
Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM
By Appointment Only          (Cellular)


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